PubhD Nottingham #14 (11 March 2015): Medicine, Law, and Microbiology

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Wednesday 11 March 2015 at 7:30 p.m.


The Vat and Fiddle pub (in the Golding’s Room),
12 Queen’s Bridge Road

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Three speakers will explain their research to a bunch of people in the pub in exchange for a pint or two.

The talks are at “pub level” – you don’t need to be academic to understand them!

See The PubhD Format and About pages for more information about what to expect at an event.


  • Chris Gaffney (Medicine) is a post doctoral research fellow at the University of Nottingham Medical School. His PhD work looked at how the body produces energy and how this changes as we get older and in response to certain drugs.
  • Rossella Pulvirenti (Law) is a third year student in law. Her research focuses on witness protective measures at the International Criminal Court and how they affect witnesses’ and defendants’ rights.
  • Benjamin Swift (Microbiology) is a post doctoral research fellow at the School of Biosciences. He is researching new diagnostic methods for tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis.