Previous Events – 2017

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PubhD #36: 15 March 2017

  • Roy Smith (International Studies) is Course Leader for MA International Development at Nottingham Trent University. His research focuses on small island states. He is currently investigating the impacts of climate change and sea-level rise in the Pacific and how island communities are responding to the challenges they are facing.
  • Jodie Davies-Thompson (Cognitive Neuroscience) is a vision scientist who has spent many years in the UK, Canada, and Italy, researching the visual system and the changes in the brain that occur when various parts of the visual system go wrong. She is particularly interested in face-blindness, and brain differences in blind and deaf people. She is currently undertaking a postdoc at the University of Nottingham. At this event she will focus on what happens to the hearing parts of the brain, in Deaf people.
  • Hayden Morgan (Geo-engineering) is doing an EngD at the University of Nottingham in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy. His project is on the effect of impurities within the CO2 stream on storage site microbiology. He is particularly looking at the effect of oxygen on hydrogen sulphide production.

PubhD #35: 15 February 2017

  • Basile Boulay (Economics) is a PhD Student at the University of Nottingham. He is researching Tanzanian agriculture and has particular interest in the socio-economics importance of indigenous crops.
  • Alison Woodward (Chemistry) is a PhD student in the Bioprocess, Environmental and Chemical Technologies Research Group at the University of Nottingham. She is using a natural catalyst to turn plant waste into a renewable alternative to crude oil. This sustainable mixture of chemicals would be used to manufacture medicines, plastics, agrochemicals and fragrances.
  • Abdulrazzaq Noori (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) is at the University of Nottingham and is researching power enhancement for medium voltage DC networks.

PubhD #34: 18 January 2017

  • Ruth Nottingham (Microbiology) is a PhD student studying a certain type of bacteria that gets inside and eats other bacteria! This is really interesting at the moment with antibiotic resistance as this could become a new antimicrobial drug.
  • Simon Tarr (Ecology/Geography) is a PhD student at the University of Nottingham. He’s a macroecologist investigating how climate affects the distribution of cold-blooded organisms such as lizards. With climate change continuing at an unprecedented rate, a deeper understanding of how such organisms respond to climate is vital. His talk will discuss whether climate can predict patterns of Anolis lizard species richness across the Greater Antillean islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.
  • Olivia Webster (Classics/Archaeology) is a PhD student from the University of Nottingham. She researches religion and cultural identity in Roman Phoenicia (modern Lebanon), using religious imagery on local coins to explore the social significance of religion, as well as the impact of Roman control. As well as coin designs she also studies Roman art and architecture across a diverse range of cities, from Beirut to Palmyra.