The first PubhD outside of Europe: PubhD Kigali!

PubhD starts up in Africa tonight.

Congratulations to Lee Crawfurd for getting it up and running so quickly. It took him about one month from his initial “I’m looking to set up a PubhD in Kigali, Rwanda” email to the first event!

The topics and speakers are:

  • Politics: Ethnography of citizenship, political space, and discourse in Rwanda, Chaste Niwe, Yale University.
  • Drones: Using Drones for 3D/spectral imaging of natural and built environments, and the Internet of Things, Anthony Vodacek, Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Health: What we know about Venous thromboembolism among pregnant women in Kigali hospitals, Christine R. G. Ashimwe, U of Global Health Equity, Rwanda.


pubhd logo with text cased 766x422




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