Become A Speaker (or just get in touch with us)

Become a speaker at PubhD Nottingham

If you are a PhD* student (in any academic area) and are interested in explaining your work to a friendly and interested audience in a pub in exchange for a pint or two, please contact us!PubhD-Icon

*Or a EngD, or a EdD, or have already completed your PhD, or a post-doc (basically, you want to talk about any research that you’ve been involved in!).

Not sure if you want to volunteer? Read the feedback we’ve received from previous speakers.

Become a speaker at another location

If you are not based in Nottingham, check out the PubhD Locations page to see if there is a PubhD near you.

Want to start your own PubhD?

You’ve been to the PubhD Locations page and found that there isn’t a PubhD near you. Well, why not set one up? Get in touch and we’ll try to help.

You can also join the PubhD Facebook group to learn about upcoming events, or follow us on Twitter.