PubhD logos and banners

As we are keen that the PubhD idea spreads, feel free to use any of the logos and banners. They are available in several sizes. Also see “How to set-up a PubhD (and get some speakers)“.

Font used

Rockwell Extra Bold


(Thank you Barbara Griffin!)

No added text

New PubhD Logo-200x200-by Barbara Griffin

Other versions: 500 x 500, 780 x 780

Twitter (400 x 400)

Twitter Icon - 400x400

No added text – transparent background


Other versions: 780 x 780

With text

634 x 210 (as used for PubhD Nottingham’s Facebook group):

PubhD Banner-New Icon-634x210-With Text

828 x 315 (recommended size for Facebook pages)


1000 x 288

PubhD Banner-New Icon-1000x288-With Text

766 x 422:

pubhd logo with text cased 766x422

615 x 210:

pubhd logo with text cased 615x210

500 x 210:

pubhd logo with text cased, no PubhD 500x210

Old logo (no longer used):

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