PubhD: Not as popular as Grumpy Cat…but it is smarter.


Ever wondered what would happen if someone actually followed up on that silly idea that came to them after a couple of pints? We used to wonder this, and then we were enjoying a couple of pints and had a silly idea.

Initially we imagined a a couple of people huddled around a table nodding enthusiastically as a chemist PhD desperately tried to convince them that they don’t really use test tubes any more.

But, where would we find speakers? Where would we find an audience? Where would we meet? What would we call it?

A blog post and some inspired punning later and it turns out that this silly idea wasn’t so silly after all. The idea grew into PubhD. In a matter of weeks we have:

Coming soon: PubhD (University of Birmingham)

Coming soon: PubhD (University of Birmingham)

It’s the fact that others have started up so quickly that has really blown us away. No one actually knows if it will work – but the enthusiasm and response gives us huge confidence that, apart from tweaking the format, we’re all on to a winner.

So, if you’re interested in joining in or setting one up, follow the simple steps on the “How To” post to find like minded people and speakers. This isn’t a cult though, so if a variation works for your group go ahead and try it and let us know how it goes. Apart from ruining the pun there’s no reason why this couldn’t work in a coffee shop, back room or any space where interested folk can talk about and listen to other interesting folk. Sharing the ideas that work and don’t work will help us all refine the idea and have really successful meetings.

We’ll post honestly about the first meeting and invite the comments of all who attended (and those that didn’t) so that PubhD (Birmingham/Glasgow/Lincoln etc.) can avoid the mistakes that we will undoubtedly make.


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