Next week: PubhD Liverpool’s first event

We’re writing quite a few posts like this at the moment.

So far in 2016, four PubhDs have started up: Norwich, BirminghamPubhD UMinho and Newcastle.

Now it’s Liverpool’s turn to get a shiny new PubhD.

It’s being started up by Kat Ford and their first event is on Thursday 10 March 2016, at The Vines pub.

At each PubhD event, three researchers from any subject area explain their work to an audience in a pub in exchange for a drink or two. The talks are at a “pub level” – the idea is that you don’t have to be an academic to understand the talks.

The first three speakers at PubhD Liverpool are:

  • Benjamin Mummery (Astrophysics)
  • Sophie Irwin (Cell Biology)
  • Martin Grunnill (Epidemiology)

More information can be found at the PubhD Liverpool Facebook group, or you can follow their Twitter account, @PubhD_Liverpool.

Full details about the first event can be found here.

pubhd logo with text cased 615x210

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