Introducing PubhD Leicester!

PubhD is a monthly event that showcases local research to the public. It has a very New PubhD Logo-200x200-by Barbara Griffin
simple format
and is popular with both punters and speakers.

Leicester Skeptics In The Pub hosted the very first PubhD Leicester event as a one off. One of the speakers at that event, Katie Dexter, loved the experience so much that she’s decided to make PubhD Leicester a regular thing.

Katie has created a website and a Twitter account and is now looking for volunteers to speak.

If you are a PhD* student (in any academic area) and are interested in explaining your work to a friendly audience in a pub in exchange for a pint or two, please get in touch. The next event is on 26 February and PubhD Leicester plans to run monthly after that.

*Or a EngD, or a EdD, or have already completed your PhD, or a post-doc (basically, want to talk abut any research that you’ve been involved in!).

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