PubhD Glasgow launches: Physics, Computer Science and Neuroscience

Another PubhD officially exists!

It is PubhD Glasgow and officially exists as they have an event sorted out. Take note Reading and Lincoln. 😉

Their first event is on Tuesday 18 February 2014 at The Old Hairdressers on Renfield Lane. It is being hosted by Glasgow Skeptics.
PubhD Glasgow Event 1
The three speakers that will explain their research to a bunch of people in a pub in exchange for a pint or two are:

  • Rebecca Douglas (Physics) is a 2nd year PhD student whose work is on gravitational waves. Since gravitational waves haven’t been found yet, her research mostly involves helping to find them. Practically, this means messing about in a lab with bits of sapphire and liquid nitrogen so that someone, somewhere can some day build a great big detector.
  • Timothy Revell (Computer Science) is a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde. He is a mathematician that applies his trade to computer science along with a touch of physics.
  • Lewis Hou (Neuroscience) is currently working on the real left and right side differences in the brain. *Spoiler alert* It has very little to do with logic versus creativity, but might have something to do with our evolution, language and mental health.

Facebook event:

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