Can you explain your PhD in the pub?

As you can see from the blog header, we’ve rebranded! PubhD-Icon

Quite a few people have commented that they love the idea of PubhD, but could we do something about our tagline? They didn’t like the word “layperson” in the original tagline: “Can you explain your PhD to a layperson?”

To be honest, we didn’t really think too long about the original tagline, just knew that we needed one. We’re not that attached to it!

This comment perfectly explains what is wrong with “layperson”:

About the layperson thing – I guess I’m concerned most that the term is a little antiquated and still a bit of a mildly loaded word like ‘blue-collar’ or ‘working class’, especially when preceded by the abbreviation of ‘PhD’. I wouldn’t want anyone to perceive your fantastic initiative as this being an ‘US’ vs. ’THEM’ kind of event in the way that academia used to be (& still is) dominated by upper-middle class and upper-class people.

A very good point.

We had noticed that a few people had been Tweeting about PubhD, but changing the tagline to “Can you explain your PhD in the pub?”

We like that.

It doesn’t presume anything about the audience. And it also sets the scene: this is a friendly chat amongst friends in a pub, not a Powerpoint led presentation.


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