Gonna Be An Engineer

Firstly, Kash and I have been stunned by the response we’ve had to the idea for PubhD. I’ll admit I wasn’t certain that we’d have enough volunteer speakers to go round… but with over 20 already we’re set for some amazing meetings.

The topics suggested so far are wonderfully varied and range from History and Bio-fuels to Robotics and Disease. We will also be taking in Criminology, as well as Portuguese and American literature.

A Smorgasboard of interesting things for interested people!

In keeping with the range of subjects we saw a recent blog post from the Association of Engineering Doctorates, who shared both our enthusiasm for the idea and awful puns:

We like this idea, but think it needs to extend to Engineering Doctorates (EngDs), so would like to propose that our friends in Nottingham also allow some “InngD” talks by EngD research engineers.

So, to demonstrate our commitment to all flavours of qualification and in solidarity with our brother and sister Engineers…here’s Peggy Seeger.

Next steps are to confirm a date (Probably 22nd Jan) and a venue (Probably the Vat & Fiddle) and organise the first PubhD.

In the meantime please share the idea with people who might like to speak (PhD students or EngD students) or listen; or if they aren’t a Nottingham resident – start up one in their home town.


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